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DOT: Vehicle Miles Driven Decreased year-over-year in June


by Calculated Risk on 8/23/2022 02:21:00 PM

This is something to watch with higher gasoline prices.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) reported:

Travel on all roads and streets changed by -1.7% (-4.8 billion vehicle miles) for June 2022 as compared with June 2021. Travel for the month is estimated to be 282.1 billion vehicle miles.

The seasonally adjusted vehicle miles traveled for June 2022 is 268.0 billion miles, a -1.80% ( -4.8 billion vehicle miles) change over June 2021. It also represents a -1.0% change (-2.7 billion vehicle miles) compared with May 2022.

Cumulative Travel for 2022 changed by +2.8% (+43.2 billion vehicle miles). The cumulative estimate for the year is 1,587.1 billion vehicle miles of travel.
emphasis added

Click on graph for larger image.

This graph shows the monthly total vehicle miles driven, seasonally adjusted.

Miles driven declined sharply in March 2020, and really collapsed in April 2020. After recovering, miles driven might have softened due to higher gasoline prices.

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